Developing World

Freedom for Africa

We provide support to individuals and organizations that empower the rise of the African continent. Projects we support include clean water wells, solar-powered technology hotspots, educational development, agricultural development, and medical assistance.

Water for life

Clean water for all

We support organizations that drill water well, build rain catchment systems, and create clean and safe drinking water solutions where there is none.


Schools and education for the poor

We provide support to organizations that build schools and provide technology to poor areas where children are severely disadvantaged.


Food shelf and school lunch program support

We support programs that help ensure no child goes hungry in school and that at-risk families in need receive the food they need to make it out of tough situations.


Homeless shelters and orphanages

We provide support to organizations that provide shelter and care for the homeless and disadvantaged.

Medical financial crisis

Financial support for medical needs

We support organizations that provide financial support to families that experience medical hardships and those that help provide medical care and critical surgeries for disadvantaged children.